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Tv Show

About The Show

Travel Industry Problem:

Dissatisfied with the state of travel media in Uganda, we have rallied around a shared passion for purposeful travel and meaningful storytelling to bring you a new Travel TV Show – to help you tell your business story with a purpose of creating awareness, driving traffic and helping you with customer lead generation.

About The Travel TV Show:

Travel With Enock & Jaqi is a community-based travel TV Show that features a variety of different travel content, from personal travel stories to travel/hospitality brand stories.


Purposeful Travel And Meaningful Storytelling

Target Audience:

English speaking youth and adults aged between 25 and 55 (couples & families)

Our target audience shares the same interests and values:


√ Improve on self-esteem

√ Fun and Entertainment

√ Traveling with purpose (Transformational Travel)

√ The love to travel and share experiences


60 Minute Real Life Travel Experiences made for television, running weekly x 4 episodes per month in a reality show Slot on Magic TV.


Our travels have intent, beyond fulfilling a bucket-checklist. We strive to move deeper than first impressions — to meet and understand real people and embrace unfamiliar places. We celebrate those who are conscious of the world around them and who understand the way they influence it.


To tell real, compelling stories about people and places around Uganda; to turn the conversation away from things, and back towards experiences – to share the transformative power of travel, and to inspire purpose-driven experiences with every story we share.


Enock Nsubuga

Brand Storyteling Media

Tel: 077-2-987442



Magic One Television & Enock & Jaqi YouTube Channel



The reality show will be able to stand on its own as a long running program aimed at telling real, compelling stories about people and places around Uganda – turning the conversation away from things, and back towards experiences.

The show will be running weekly x 4 episodes per month in a reality show Slot.

The attraction will be to a solid, loyal, young and old travel community which in turn, will increase significantly into wider advertising possibilities and interest in the sought after highly commercial slot.

With a new-generation of fashioned, stylish, motivating and exclusive brand, we plan to take over the growing travel media audience and aggressively attack and sustain not only young and old travel lovers but build a strong viewer-ship across all ages and genders.


Travel With Enock & Jaqi will be shot on location, in hotels and restaurants, travel destinations and activities, including Industry professionals office spaces.

E-mails, DMs and WhatsApp messages will be part of the show.

PRESENTERS: Enock & Jaqi


1. THE SHOW: 20 Minutes

1st SECTION: Hotel/Resort Room Tour

2nd SECTION: The People We Meet

3rd SECTION: Where To Wine & Dine

4th SECTION: Our Travel Experience

OUTRO: Weekly Travel Tip


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